This week we have been reading the two first chapters of the book “The reluctant fundamentalist” written by Mohsin Hamid. This book is about a young Pakistani called Changez who meet a US American in Lahore. My impression of the book so far, is that I find it intriguing and thought-provoking. At first, I thought […]

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Multiculturalism, David Cameron

Today we listened to a speech made by the former prime minister in Great Britain, David Cameron, in 2011 at the Munich Security Conference. The basic ideas of the speech are multiculturalism, especially the relationship between European people and Islam, and how we can solve the issue of radicalisations. Cameron focused on how people can […]

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My favourite short story

The short story “My son the fanatic” is my favourite story because I learned a lot from it and made me reflect more of the issue with extremism. Shortly, it was about a taxi driver from Pakistan who struggles with his son who has become a religious fanatic. He does not know how the handle […]

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Immigration and Family conflicts

Last week we read the short story “My son the Fanatic” (1997) by Hanif Kureishi in class, and on Wednesday we read “Free for all” (1999) by Moin Ashraf. Both these short stories are about cultural differences and how this can affect the families from other cultures. The father-son relationship in “My son the Fanatic”, […]

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BANTU Crew and Tony Allen

Today we worked more with the OD-day. We listened to a song called “Niger Delta Blues” made by Nigerian artist BANTU and Tony Allen. If you want to read more about OD you should check out my other blogpost. Its linked bellow together with links to the song. From this song, I learn first and […]

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Western Sahara, or Western Morocco?

Last Wednesday Arisa Mohamed visited my class and spoke about the Moroccan occupation, life in Algerian refugee camps, and the part of the UN in this conflict. She also talked about the Norwegian involvement in this forgotten crisis. I had never heard about this conflict before this class, which is very strange since it has […]

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