Operation Day’s Work

Every year all the students in Norway can voluntarily work one day instead of going to school. They don’t receive any money themselves, instead the money goes to one common case. Last year they collected money for the youth in Colombia. It was collected a total of 23 100 000 NOK (ca. 300 000 USD) which contributed to safe schools and a safer community to the youth in Colombia. In addition, the money would contribute to knowledge to the youth about their rights and let them decide the future.

This year the students are collecting money for the people in Nigeria. This area is around the same size as Denmark times 2 and is heavily polluted from the oil companies nearby. The youth in the Niger-delta has had enough and they want their lives back. Before the pollution started the people living there worked as fisher or farmers. They can now longer grow their own food, eat fish or drink water without it being polluted by oil. This has to change.

This year project is a bit different from the project from the last years. This is because Norway is directly involved and has invested in the companies who is ruining and polluting the environment in the Niger-delta. This was something I was unaware of before I watched some videos, linked below, made by “Naturvernforbundet” together with “Natur og Ungdom”.

I mean it is immoral of the Norwegian government to support these companies, because they are always talking about helping people where they are. Which now is nearly impossible because of the pollution in the area. I also mean it is important that everyone that can work on Operation Day’s work should do it. This will show the Norwegian government that a lot of people disagree with what’s going on, and then stop supporting companies like this.









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