BANTU Crew and Tony Allen

Today we worked more with the OD-day. We listened to a song called “Niger Delta Blues” made by Nigerian artist BANTU and Tony Allen. If you want to read more about OD you should check out my other blogpost. Its linked bellow together with links to the song.

From this song, I learn first and foremost that the conditions in the Niger Delta is inhumane. There are no schools, no medical clinics or social services in most of their villages. In addition, most of them have no clean drinking water which leads to an increase in diseases such as malaria, typhoid and cholera.

The Nigerian people are protesting; however, they feel ignored and unwelcome in their own land. Moreover, the government is working against its own people. It is the legacy from the years under oppression from international countries which has made it possible for dictatorship and oppression of their own in Nigeria.

There is still indirect oppression from the international society and together with the oppression from their own have made it almost impossible for the people in Nigeria to achieve peace. The divide between the people in Nigeria has as well made it more difficult to create a common ground for the people to fight against the injustices.

More about OD

Song “Niger Delta Blues”

Lyrics to the song

The BANTU crew own page


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