Before watching the movie: Gran Torino

In class, today we were given the task to analyze Gran Torino’s movie poster. My first impression is that this must be an action movie with a lot of violence, and maybe even shocking. The reason I had this impression, was first and foremost because of the dark colours. Moreover, the light-setting on the character was dynamic and highlighted the face which is slightly angry. Lastly, both the gun and the car in the background gives the impression of violence and action. In conclusion, the movie seems intriguing and exiting to me, and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Here are also some tasks that were handed out:

Task 1:

a: The car symbolises criminal activity, and violence since many gang members often has cars like this. I have often seen people in movies been portrayed as “Ghetto” or “gangster” with these cars.

b: Detroit is best known as “Motor city”, however they are also known for their sportsmanship in hockey, football, baseball and Basketball. Moreover, they are also known for their great food, multiculturalism and some more violent neighbourhoods.

Task 2:  I don’t know that much about the Korean war. I have only heard about it; however, I don’t know any of the details. Generally, most of the veterans in the US are not treated very well. The Korean veterans is no exception. They are not receiving the help from the Government that they to recover and deal with the problems they suffer because of the war.

Task 3:

a: I don’t know anything about the Asian Americans in the USA.

b: I think that the Asian American stereotype is the smart, hard working and rich one.


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