My favourite short story

The short story “My son the fanatic” is my favourite story because I learned a lot from it and made me reflect more of the issue with extremism.

Shortly, it was about a taxi driver from Pakistan who struggles with his son who has become a religious fanatic. He does not know how the handle the situation, and throughout the story he pushes his son more and more away.

The text thought me how important it is to tolerate other people’s views, and understand their issues. In addition, I learned that violence is never a good answer to a problem. As well, the story thought me to not judge people by their appearance and work. For example, the father had a decent job as a taxi driver, however he still didn’t treat his son properly. Moreover, the prostitute in the story had an “indecent” job, however she was a god person who tried to help both the father and the son.


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