Today we have watched parts of a documentary and read an article about the terrorist attack which took place 9/11 in the US. This attack took almost 3000 lives, and would forever change America. It is no doubt this was a horrid attack and should have never happened.

For me this attack seems surreal, and far away. I was only one year old when the attack took place, so I don’t remember anything from the day that it happened. Moreover, after the attack the chaos and conflicts in the world have been going strong. Since I was old enough to watch the news, I have regularly seen reports from conflict areas. So, I’m not unknown to pictures like the ones we saw on the movie. Therefore, the news article we read made a bigger impression on me and made me sympathize more with the people involved. From the movie, you don’t get to see the people that much, in comparison to the article where you get to read several stories about people involved in the attack.


The Article


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