Freedom of speech: Gun control in USA

Today we worked with freedom of speech, and focused closer on how conservatives and liberals express themselves and presents an issue on a certain topic. I chose to focus on the issue gun control, and how they present the issue on social media. Here the two parties have very different standpoints, and I’ve chosen two articles which represent the different parties view.

The article from the conservatives was about how liberals were choosing to only focus on mass murderers who used guns. So that they could paint a black picture of gun control. The highlight of their article was that if one of the victims had had a gun all or some of them would have survived.

The article from the liberals was about how the NRA had paid Trump so that they would have better influence in the government as well as the law system. It claimed that Trump has “stacking the courts with rabidly pro-gun federal judges, who pose a real threat to the integrity of state and local gun regulations.”.

I felt that both articles had some hateful statements or were promoting hate/negativity. The liberal article is very harsh towards Trump and the NRA. I am not saying I support either of them, however there is almost to none argument from the “other side” or discussion of the issue. It’s easy to see that the article is subjective, however more than putting Trump and the NRA in a bad light the article isn’t really promoting hate.

The other article on the other hand, is pushing the limit on human rights. They down play the real issue with an example of a mass murderer who killed 3-4 people without using a gun. The fact is that guns kill a lot more than 3-4 people in mass shootings. They suggested the “easy” solution, a gun, to the problem. They mean that if the victims had a gun they would have survived and saved the others. For me it feels totally unrealistic to pull a gun on someone for my own safety. I hope I never have to experience where its either them or me who dies. However, in a place like America you might not get a choice. In this way I feel people are not only losing their freedom of speech but their freedom to choose what to do, or not do, in fear of what might happen.

I have tried to understand why the NRA and Trump has received so much support as they have, and I believe that these people view guns and gun control in a very different way than me. They don’t see them as a weapon of war, but as something they can protect themselves with, gain power from as well as becoming a part of a huge community. In my eyes this does not seem that unreasonable.

I believe that freedom of speech is so important, and that we always need to be able to listen to others even if you disagree with them. It can give you a bigger perspective and broaden your horizon.


Liberal article

Conservative article


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